• Datum: Dinsdag 30/01/2018
  • Tijdstip: van 10:15 tot 11:05
  • Locatie: Schouwburg
  • Genre: Lezingen

Dit event is voorbij

Backchat is the current teenage/young adult social media explosion. It is everywhere and on everything. This is their first ever road show where the audience can see in the actual flesh the people behind all the Twitts, the Apps, and all the Grams.

Backchat is much more than the world’s most popular youth programme – it is a way of life for countless young people. Backchat’s presenters are household names, their opinions are taken as gospel, their advice followed diligently, their articles, reports, and stories are awaited with bated breath. Backchat’s fiction is viewed as more than real. No teenager or young adult can really have a point of view that hasn’t been at least partly formed by Backchat.

Backchat is an interactive comedy in full ETC style comprised of sketches all around a common theme.

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