S.O. 2e GR: What if (Engelstalig)


  • Datum: Dinsdag 22/01/2019
  • Tijdstip: van 13:45 tot 14:45
  • Locatie: Schouwburg
  • Genre: Lezingen

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What if? Choices. Decisions. Should I do this? Would it be best to do that? School is full of them. Choices for now, choices for later. Choices you make now for a future you’re not certain about. Study choices, personal choices. There’s a lot, right?

Parents can help, teachers can help, friends too, but what do I want? What do I think? How do you ever know that?

What if is a highly entertaining comedy fully in our ETC style, which looks at a group of friends faced with all these dilemmas.



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